January 2018 Graduate Catalog 
    Sep 29, 2020  
January 2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes from Previous Catalog (September 2017)

Catalog originally published
September 2017

Changes to Academic Calendar

  • Fall Semester 2017 removed

  • 2018-2022 calendar dates changes

Changes to Graduate Policies and Governance

• Academic Information: Dual Credit-Undergraduate Students Taking MSN Program Courses

• Academic Information: Title IX Policy, Sexual Misconduct, Americans with Disabilities Act Policy, Pregnant and Parenting Student Policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Equity Resolution Process for Allegations of Discrimination, Harrassment, and Sexual Misconduct  

• Financial Information: Added Herzing Tuition and Cost link to Wizard

• Accreditation: Minneapolis State Renewal

• University Information: Change to Minneapolis campus location

• University Information: Changes to Faculty, System Administrators, and Campus Administrators

• University Information: Changes to State and US Territories Contact Information

• University Information: Changes to Omaha Campus

Program Offerings by Campus

New Programs

  • None

Programs No Longer Offered

  • None

Revised Programs

  • None

Programs With Name Changes

  • None

New Courses

  • None

Revised Courses

Revised Course Description, Learning Objectives, Prerequisites, and/or Contact Hours

  • NU 525, NU 560 and HA 610

Discontinued Courses

  • None