May 2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2022  
May 2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NT 361 - Supporting Enterprise Applications

This course is designed to provide Internet-worked application management and support skills that typically are demanded by large enterprise networks and Internet/Intranet application environments. It extends the client/server model and analyzes the requirements and implementation of applications in n-tier enterprise environments running business-critical applications and Intranet/Internet solutions. Topics include messaging and e-mail applications, calendaring, groupware, database and web server applications, application hosting and installation, server and client configuration, middleware integration, server clustering, client-side interface management, server-side security and access, communication and delivery protocols, and client/server platforms. Semester Credit Hours 3.00 semester credit hours Contact Hours: 60.00 Prerequisite: NT 201 - Network Infrastructure Administration . Corequisite: None.