September 2018 Graduate Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2022  
September 2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Science in Nursing with a Concentration in Nursing Leadership (MSNNL)

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Program Description

This online graduate degree in nursing will provide students with the academic knowledge, skills, and expertise to become nurse leaders in diverse healthcare and academic environments. Graduates will be eligible to apply for the ANCC Nurse Executive Certification Examination. Courses consist of MSN core courses, specialty concentration courses, a direct care clinical course and a leadership practicum course. This program is for licensed registered nurses (current, unrestricted license) who have a bachelor of science in nursing degree interested in advancing their careers and pursuing healthcare leadership and administrative positions.

Individuals considering the Master of Science program should be aware that state requirements for availability of required clinical courses may vary from state to state. Applicants should check with their applicable state board of nursing before enrolling in any graduate nursing program.

Program Objectives

Students are expected to meet all the objectives of the MSN core courses. In addition, students are expected to meet the following Nurse Leader Concentration objectives. Upon completion of their program, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and decision making when planning, implementing, and evaluating strategies to guide an organization or healthcare system toward successful outcomes.
  2. Analyze the impact regulatory agencies exert on fiscal stability, human resources, total quality improvement, and attainment of positive outcomes within a selected healthcare system.
  3. Apply ethical and legal principles when making decisions regarding healthcare delivery to diverse populations.
  4. Create a plan for evaluating the ability of an organization to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.
  5. Implement the role of the nurse leader or nurse administrator in a selected healthcare setting.

Potential Occupational Titles

Potential occupational titles for this program include, but are not limited to Nurse Leader, Nurse Executive, Nurse Administrator, Chief Nursing Officer, and Chief Nurse Executive

Program Content

A minimum of 36.00 semester credit hours is required for graduation.



Required Core Courses

18.00 semester credit hours are required.

Required Courses in Nursing Leadership Concentration

15.00 semester credit hours are required.

Required Graduate Practicum

3.00 semester credit hours are required.