September 2021 Graduate Catalog 
    Oct 04, 2023  
September 2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NU 627 - Geriatric Healthcare

As the population ages, care of the older adult becomes an increasing need in primary care. Family nurse practitioners in primary care focus on care of patients across the lifespan including this older adult population. This clinical course will explore the special needs of the older adult (65 and older) by synthesizing theoretical knowledge, evidence-based guidelines and contemporary practices in assessment and management of health and disease states in the geriatric population.  Since this course is reflective of the last course in the clinical sequence, APEA testing for board certification preparation will be incorporated to assist the student with preparation for the exam. Semester Credit Hours: 4.00 Contact Hours: 15/0/135/150 Prerequisites: All other courses and final semester. Corequisite: None.