September 2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
September 2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

IT 367 - Network Infrastructure Hardening

This course offers an in-depth look at TCP/IP, performing volumes of packet captures and analysis, and auditing and generating documentation for hardening procedures. Topics include implementation of IPSec in several different scenarios including a detailed and extensive lesson on securing Linux and Windows network infrastructures. The course will focus on best practices for network design to avoid security breaches and hardening network services such as DNS, DHCP, Directory Services, Operating System Routing, and NAT. Students will also be introduced to securing routers and switches in an infrastructure design as well as professional documentation of network infrastructures. Students will work in teams on a project to demonstrate concepts of hardening a network infrastructure. Semester Credit Hours 3.00 semester credit hours Contact Hours: 60.00 Prerequisite: NT 201 Network Infrastructure Administration . Corequisite: None.